Monday, October 10, 2011


Seems as though when we were young, we got out of school on Columbus Day, which of course is the main reason to celebrate any holiday regardless of its meaning.  I am not going to get into the controversy surrounding honoring Columbus, but rather am going to point out one of the unlikeliest tributes to the man - the Pepperdine Columbus.

A gift to
commemorating the Quincetennial Celebration
from the
Columbus "500" Congress 
It is not particularly clear why he stands high above the Chapel, pointing toward the Pacific Ocean.  One Robert J. Barbera appears to be the driving force of the Columbus 500 Congress, and his vitae lists his connections to Pepperdine as a Board Member, Lifetime Associate, founder of the Italian major, sponsor of the Pepperdine chapel in Florence, and founder of a scholarship program for Pepperdine students to travel to the International Program in Florence.  Money talks :-)

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