Saturday, July 02, 2011


To continue this thread, here are a few more:

** Baseball fans on their cell phones waving to the camera - I am happy to report that there is a Facebook Page devoted to these idiots!  They are probably the same folks that start the damnable wave.

** Diminutives of Given Names - e.g. Dougie.  As long as I can remember, this has irritated me.  I had a professional colleague who randomly called me Dougie Doo and because of my junior position at the time, I never unloaded on him :-)   Now, Swartzie I can handle.  Drooler, maybe.....

** Drivers who seem oblivious to the fact that the light has turned green.  In Boulder, we simply assume that they are contemplating the change and internalizing the event.

** Travelers who seem to think that if they don't get on to the plane first, they will somehow not make it to their destination - hello - assigned seating!!  And it seems as though these folks have 12 carry-on items, and thus need to claim as much of the overhead space as possible.

** Waitstaff who don't write down the orders and invariable get them wrong.

** People with Peeves different than mine.


Hugh G. said...

Scientists have abandoned the use of cesium atom vibrations as a standard unit for the measure of time. The new unit of measure is the length of time it takes in New York City for the light to turn green and the car behind to honk its horn.

Dr S said...

Seems I heard this before, but thanks for the reminder. The time mentioned is probably equivalent to the time between the horn honking and the ensuing flipping of the bird.

Phil L. said...

I heard it on the Johnny Carson show MANY years ago.