Sunday, July 17, 2011


Busy Brain raises an interesting point in his comment re David Gray's lyrics, particularly the line in this post's title from Babylon.  [Hey BB - the song is about modern Babylon!!].  Admittedly, the thoughts conjured by "chemicals rushing through my bloodstream" are disconcerting. However, I have to think about Gray's reference versus the general status of chemicals in the blood stream.  Of course all of us depend on the natural chemicals in our bloodstream that sustain life, so we will not dwell on that.  What I am thinking of is myriad chemicals that  many US folks put into themselves on a regular basis, and I will start with me:

Generic naproxin for minor knee and elbow pain;
Generic aspirin which supposedly helps the circulatory system and other biological processes;
Caffeine that helps the wake up call and may have other beneficial effects;
Ethanol that in moderation is supposedly good for you!

Now - what about other things that folks have rushing through their bloodstreams?

Too much sugar - just look at the epidemics of obesity and diabetes rampant in the US;
Too much alcohol - destroys the liver and kills innocent people;
Nicotine and dozens of other chemicals, most of which have serious adverse biological effects;
Viagra and other such chemicals - nearly 100% needless;
Lipotor and related chemicals - making drug companies rich without having much effect on health;
THC, meth, cocaine and countless other illegal drugs with serious negative effects;
Countless drugs intended to relieve the signs and symptoms of decades of bad habits.

And the list goes on - I think you get the picture.


Bizzy Brain said...

I have very much enjoyed pop music in the past, e.g. the Beatles and the Doors. Perhaps some of the enchantment with the lyrics is that they don't always "make sense" at first glance. One can have fun playing Freud with them or looking for layers of meaning. David Gray doesn’t seem like an intoxicants glorifying type of guy and my first reaction to “chemicals rushing through his bloodstream” were the natural ones, like adrenalin, a definite rush associated with various types of excitements, including sexual.
In my mind, the word Babylon denotes carnality, decadence, lack of inhibition, primitive animal impulse, etc., etc.
Putting on my Freudian cap, I would say David is needy and dependent, as many romantic idealists are. He is searching for contentment and completeness via the (mother substitute) love of an ideal soul mate. He is inhibited and limited in reaching his ideal love goal, hates himself for it, and wishes he could get to the blissful state of complete pagan abandon (with his love mate, of course), such as is exemplified by Babylon.
Then again, if he had all that in the first place, he probably would have never written his first song. Then again, he could have all that and still be a prolific songwriter making the big bucks. After all, it IS show biz and everyone needs a gimmick.

hoosierdaddy said...

BB - why are you wasting your time and talent working for the guvmint? You obviously have a knack for psycho-babble, er, psycho-analysis and might even make more money analyzing celebrities!!

Bizzy Brain said...

Thanks, Hoosier. Part of my mission in life is to give Dr. S a hard time, all in good fun, of course. Work for the guvmint as I enjoy the money. Writing comments to blogs is a fun hobby, but no money in it. My comments should cause the needle on your BS meter to bounce around a little bit.

hoosierdaddy said...

Ha! Somebody has to keep the old man in line :-) Also - bs meter to bounce around a little bit is quite an understatement!!!