Monday, March 07, 2011


I believe that there are several cities that have such a tag line - Austin and Portland come to mind.  However, Boulder was probably the first to have a website dedicated to the proposition.  Today's Daily Camera has a special article with Davide Andrea lamenting the fact that Boulder is losing its weirdness, with the loss of such events as the Naked Bike Ride and the Naked Pumpkin Run.  Andrea says "I see that Boulder is getting more non-controversial and middle of the road."  However, if you visit the Keep Boulder Weird website, you will see that there are still plenty of examples of Planet Boulder.


The Amish Rifleman said...

Keep Boulder weird? What you mean is keep Boulder pagan and sinful. For shame!

Ole Biz said...

Maybe if Boulder becomes less weird, i.e. decadent, perhaps the next round of fires will consumem fewer acres.

Dr S said...

LOL! The pagan and sinful was presumed!! However, regarding the fires, we must remember that the rain falls on the just and the unjust :-)