Friday, February 04, 2011


Perhaps some of you have been to McCabe's Guitar Shop in Santa Monica.  Spend a little time at their shop or their website and you should agree that it is an interesting place.  Not only is there an amazing selection of stringed instruments, but there is also a back room that they regularly clear out, set up about a hundred chairs, and have a nice, small-venue concert featuring some great folks.  Go here to check out their upcoming concerts.  We had become fans of Mary Gauthier via her popular Mercy Now [link is to a nice performance at the Grand Old Opry] and the album with the same title, and thus when we learned that she would be at McCabe's, we hopped to it.  We were just a few rows from the front, but even those in the back had great seats.  The evening was most enjoyable; Mary writes interesting songs and has a unique style; she is also accomplished guitar player; and her single accompanist for the evening was Thomm Jutz whose guitar playing was spectacular and his harmonies were appropriately supportive of Mary's lead.  McCabe's offered tea and cookies as well as an opportunity to meet the performers after the show.  The two videos below are reminiscent of the Gauthier-Lutz evening at McCabe's. 

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