Saturday, January 01, 2011


Well this is a big day for those of us who were born in 1946 and are on the leading edge of the boomers turning 65 - as the NY Times commented - the age once linked to retirement, early bird specials and gray Velcro shoes that go with everything. Since senility/dementia may set in at any moment, it would probably be good to summarize this past year's events before they are lost from the memory bank :-)

January -  Doug & Rhonda travel to Indiana to visit family and friends; celebrate Mary's 92nd birthday on January 1; Doug makes return trip to Indiana to attend Ed's retirement party and open house on the 16th; at 93, Ed decided that it was time to retire from full-time work at EDDS Supplies; Doug & Rhonda travel to Virgina for a BioLogos Focus Group and exploring Richmond.

Mary & Ed

February - Doug travels to California; Pepperdine for flow cytometry and John Paul Lederach lecture; Point Loma for BioLogos with Darrel Falk and Joe McInerney; dinner with Mike & Evie Hostetler; Doug travels to Atlanta for Council for Christian Colleges and University convention/BioLogos functions.

March - Rhonda travels to Houston to visit Hattice; Rhonda has knee surgery; Nick & Jaime travel to Las Vegas; Charles of Colorado Springs remakes Doug's gold wedding band.

April - Doug begins Social Security; Carmen & Lindsey visit Boulder; Jonathan & Elias travel to Pennsylvania; surprise retirement party for UCCS colleague and friend Jim Mattoon at La Margarita at Pine Creek in Colorado Springs.

May - Doug teaches Biology of Cancer at Pepperdine, Summer Session I; Ron Wisner, a friend-like-a-brother, dies in trail biking accident; Doug & Rhonda attend Ron's memorial service in Colorado Springs.

June  - Doug and Rhonda travel to Boston; BioLogos workshop at Gordon College; drive to Maine to visit Doug M; drive to Vermont to visit Emily and William; benefit golf with Nick in Colorado Springs.

Fresh Maine Lobster

July - Kids and families in Boulder for the Fourth of July; Ken & Ann and the Gruells visit Boulder; Willems Family Reunion in Fort Robinson, Nebraska; Kilimanjaro fund raiser at Avery Brewing for neighbor Brian; Nick travels to Banff; travel to Indiana to help celebrate Ed's 94th birthday.

August - Doug travels to San Diego for BioLogos teacher workshop; Rhonda and Silas join Doug in San Diego to have fun; Luis & Sandy visit Boulder; Jonathan travels to South Africa.

September - Doug to Colorado Springs for Wiz's Carbo Loading Dinner and the American Discovery Trail Marathon; Doug and Douglas travel to Indiana, Michiana MCC Relief Sale; U-Haul back to Colorado; Jonathan travels to Europe.

ADTM Finishes In America The Beautiful Park

October - Doug travels to Washington DC for BioLogos President's Circle; Doug & Rhonda travel to New Mexico/Taos/Santa Fe/Los Alamos; visit Mark & Pauline.

November - Rachel travels to Illinois for conference; Jonathan & Elias travel to Pennsylvania and Rachel joins them for Thanksgiving.

December - Jonathan travels to South Africa; our family Christmastime in Dillon; Jim Mattoon passes away on Christmas eve.

And today is Mary's 93rd birthday, and she pointed out it is her 39th if one is dyslexic!

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