Tuesday, December 18, 2007


The Hong Kong SAR includes about 260 islands, with the two major islands being Lantau and Hong Kong. Many of the outlying islands are inhabitated and served by numerous ferries. I was fortunate to hike on three of the islands - Lantau, as previously described in the Sunset Peak entry, Chueng Chau and Lamma. I guess you could also count Hong Kong if walking around Central is 'hiking.' Andy Smith, Shawn Yoon and I visited Chueng Chau, and went on a long hike around half of the island, up some peaks, and as shown below, around a rocky point. I opted out of the rocky point - looked too much like I could die. I visited Lamma with my cousin Steve Heller and Marilyn. On both of the islands, we concluded our outing with a great seafood dinner.

Andy and Shawn on Chueng Chau

The Adventurous Duo
The Village of Sok Kwu Wan on Lamma Island
Steve and Marilyn Strolling a Lamma Beach

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