Friday, December 14, 2007


In one of my early blogs on Hong Kong, I mentioned how strange it was to see high-rise construction cranes surrounded by bamboo scaffolding. Recently a construction project was begun to add a tenth floor to the building where my office is located - so I got some photos of the action. The first photo shows the super-sturdy walkway that was built to protect pedestrians. I could hardly believe that it was going to be a temporary structure as I watched it being built - cement with rebar; steel I-beams welded in place; corrugated steel wall; steel plates for roofing. The fellows put up the scaffolding in a couple of days, and one nice thing about using bamboo - if the length is not quite right, just cut it off to fit!!

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akaSue said...

Bob will enjoy hearing about this 'new' construction. As a Retired Ironworker, he will find this technique unbelievable and quite interesting.