Thursday, August 31, 2006


Here are a few pictures of the Casa - a view from the street, and the interior passageway that leads to the front entryway and to the back of the Casa. I will post some more pictures when I figure out if it is possible to upload more than four pictures at a time! See the white booth? There is 24 hour security for the neighborhood. We have noted that the Belgrano neighborhood has many police and security personnel, some of which are no doubt related to the numerous embassies located in this part of town.

The weather has been very nice, with mostly sunny skies and daytime highs between 60 and 70 - Rhonda's kind of weather!!

For today's outing, we caught the subte at our local stop at Olleros and rode a couple of stops to Juramento. Along Calbildo in this part of town there are many, many, many shops. So we looked, but no doubt Rhonda will return to do much more serious "looking." One thing that we did buy was a pass card for the subte.


Jonathan said...

It looks so so so wonderful! We can't wait to come visit you. Please keep posting pictures and details about your daily encounters. When do kids come?

Tim Rice said...

It looks like you have a nice place to live. I will look forward to seeing more pictures. My experience on Blogspot is that one can only post five pictures at one uploading but that you can do repeat uploadings.

And as you get settled in, I will look forward to hearing more about your teaching role and activities there.

God bless

Swartzendruber said...

Thanks for the comments, Jonathan and Tim. Tim - I just had a quick look at your Ramblings - very nice pictures! I discovered the repeat uploading with the last round, so will do that with some new pictures of our weekend at La Estancia Los Patos. -pax