Wednesday, August 30, 2006


For those of you who may be interested, here is our contact information:

Casa Holden
Pepperdine University
11 de Septiembre 955
(1426) Capital Federal
Buenos Aires

The phone number for the Casa is 011-54-11-4772-5969, and our extension is 235. We also have a cell phone that can be reached at 011-54-911-5705-3386. We have turned off our USA cell phone, 310.460.8377, and will not use that number again until May, 2007. Of course you can always email us at and

Today we walked on some new streets in the neighborhood, and are learning the street names and the locations of the train stations and subway (subte) stops. Rhonda found a yarn shop and bought a nice skein of yarn, and is getting started on knitting a scarf. Dago and I took the subte on a search for a chip for our cell phone, but it will be easier to use the local cell phone and calling cards.


Jonathan said...

Rachel y yo tenemos que llamarles este fin de semana, tal vez este domingo.

Jonathan said...

Hey dad. It's awesome that you guys are "blogging". Can't wait for some pictures of BA!! Have a great time in esancia.
love you.