Friday, May 18, 2018


A friend in California forwarded to me the dire warning below, so I thought I'd better post it for all of you California folks who are doomed - doomed I say!  A quick online search for the author only reveals arrest records for obscene behavior, and date warnings to stay away from this guy.  Sure am glad we will be back in Colorado when the left coast bites the dust.

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May 14, 2018
Considering the Massive California Earthquake

Author: Donald Richard Lobb

Copyright: TXu2 - 061 - 464

My pseudonym is Donald Strong Feathers. In this paper I foretell of the upcoming violent disaster on the West Coast. Holy Spirit born and bred, I am a seer and a visionary since childhood, giving Him all of the credit. He made the following tale evident to me such that many may survive, that precautionary and recuperative preparations be instituted, and that I might receive a measure of recognition: “Thou shalt not muzzle the mouth of the oxen that treadeth out the corn.”

Originally dubbed “A Warning Shot over the Bow,” this preliminary warning event is fast approaching! My thesis statement involving a study of electromagnetism is this: "The phenomenon of dark matter and dark energy coming to light across America." In 2016 I discovered that the magnetic fields in and around the West Coast are fracturing, thus allowing the formation of elusive magnetic monopoles, perhaps as the result of mixing with dark matter as it “comes to light.”

However, this brief reveals a tangent topic of extreme importance: The Great California Earthquake and the Amazing "Warning Event."

Magnetic fracturing allows tectonic forces that have been building for decades to release. It is also possible that the immense pressure is causing the fracturing. These underlying pressures have been noted by scientists for many years.

Mid-to-late summer of 2018, only months away as of this writing, a tearing and an opening on the floor of the Pacific Ocean, not too many miles beyond the California coastline, will result in the underwater eruption of superheated gases and magma from deep within the earth – similar to an underwater volcano. As these gases boil, expand and push the seawater,creating hurricane force winds, a tsunami wave will arrive on the West Coast. This 40 or 50 foot wave will cause widespread damage – and this is just the warning shot!

Then, early next year the continental plates will suddenly and violently shift, destroying and drowning the “City of Angels.” An immediate and accurate death toll of seven million is expected, ten million “when all is said and done.” These are the words of the Holy Spirit!

Use your imagination: Millions of desperate, fleeing people inundate nearby cities like Phoenix, Sacramento and Las Vegas – hungry, homeless, injured, traumatized, and destitute. He has said that the population of Phoenix alone will triple. As resources are consumed, bread lines will result. Roadways will be congested, and crime may very well become rampant as police and fire departments are overwhelmed, banking and finance systems overtaxed. Perhaps the collapsing of government will result in the recent, somewhat paranoid predictions of “martial law.” I am giving a forewarning.

Although this paper was first written and distributed in the summer of 2016, just after I discovered what I believe are "magnetic monopoles," earthquakes are notoriously difficult to accurately predict. However, the Holy Spirit suddenly chooses to revisit this catastrophic situation, firmly and dramatically.

These are His exact words, and this is the summer of the warning event:

“hurricane force winds” Such an event would require a huge, volcanic type of eruption through the floor of the Pacific Ocean, a huge tear in the crust in water shallow enough to create an incredible disturbance.

“one tsunami big enough to cover a house” Underwater earthquakes cause tsunamis. The impression is of a sizable tsunami, but a very manageable one. These two events create a highly unusual scenario.

“bringing the carefree days of summer to an early end” In Southern California, that could be July or August.

“but that will not be the violent one” The warning event is an example of the Grace of God. Only a few short months later will come the violent shift and the resultant disaster, beyond human comprehension.

“ten million, when all is said and done” As I pondered, I received a dire warning specifying an unbelievable final death toll after all of the injuries and exposure, the crime and madness.

Donald Strong Feathers


Bizzy Brain said...

Would seem like the "fleeing millions" would flee back to Mexico rather than Phoenix.

Douglas E said...

I guess Strong Feathers saw people fleeing east rather than south :-)

Bizzy Brain said...

Phoenix may feel more like Lost Angeles. Talked to somebody recently back from there and they reported smog due to ever increasing population.

Douglas E said...

Phoenix is among many towns/cities [think Las Vegas] that I feel have no reasonable reason to exist - people should live where there is local water, and they should use that resource for sustainable and productive reasons, not growing Kentucky Bluegrass in the desert or shooting water 100 feet in the air where a lot of it evaporates.

Bizzy Brain said...

Have never had the desire to winter in a warm climate like Arizona or Florida. California would maybe be okay, but will never get around to it knowing me. In May, in Indiana, we suddenly went from spring to the the hot and humid middle of summer, and that totally pisses me off.

Douglas E said...

Oh I too took no pleasure in the hot, humid Indiana summers; at least for a few years, we had a pool to help relieve some of the pain!

Sick Sigma Sez said...

California Democrats are pushing to give full healthcare benefits to illegal immigrant adults, which would mean that the Golden State will be a ‘magnet’ for even more illegal immigrants. State Senator Ricardo Lara (D-Bell Gardens) is leading the charge by reportedly arguing that “California needs to be a laboratory for social change by taking the lead on progressive causes. We are trying to address the fact that, whether you like it or not, our undocumented community needs the care…” My thoughts are that maybe it is simply a Satanic plot to draw as many people to CA as possible so there will be all the more victims of the “magnetic fracturing” caused by the mixing of dark matter and dark energy of some sort that the lunatic author talks about. Anyway, my Laff of the Day. Thanks!

Stephanie Clifford said...

What will I do for a living if CA goes?

Sick Sigma Sez said...

Well, Stephanie, word has it you're going to make three appearances in Indiana this month. Fort Wayne, Indianapolis, and Evansville. Am not sure of the names, but they are all "gentlemen's clubs." Am not sure why you didn't include Goshen on your list.

Steve Heller said...

There actually could be a lot of truth in what this guy has to say. The Bible does state there will be much upheaval in the end times, most of it after the Rapture.

Jenny Lee said...

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Chief Spreading Bull said...

'bout time for a new post, ain't it? Am itching to make comments.

Faults Prophet said...

Favor moon, Titan of Saturn. Favorite planet, Uranus. Put them together and what does it spell? Titan Uranus.

Bizzy Brain said...

Matthew 24:7. “For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and EARTHQUAKES, IN DIVERS PLACES.”
There are dozens of earthquakes each day all over the world, most of them of unnewsworthy magnitude. Here is an interesting link to track them. I click on the World List and navigate from there.