Friday, December 22, 2017


After numerous dismal seasons, CU Football had a modestly successful run in the fall of 2016.  The were 10-4 overall, and 8-1 in the weak South Division of the PAC-12.  They got whupped by Washington in the PAC-12 Championship, 41-10.  They were invited to the Alamo Bowl and again got whupped, this time by Oklahoma State 38-8.  The Athletic Department as so head-over-heals with themselves that they put out a self-congratulatory commemorative tome called The Rise.  You too can have a copy for $39.95.

Most of us on the academic side of CU saw The Rise as The Ruse, intended to get the big donors and alumni all fired up to give more money to the Athletic Department.  Some of us [including yours truly] even opined that the 2016 season would be a flash in the pan.  A fellow named Jake Shapiro put it well in this article "Don't Expect the Rise to Continue at CU in 2017".  Well Jake, I and many other doubters were proven correct.  This season's Buffs were pretty much an embarrassment, winning 5 and losing 7, and winning only 2 PAC 12 games.  Needless to say, there was no bowling for this mediocre, at best, team.  Some of us are awaiting the Athletic Department's commemorative book for this year entitled "The Fall".

And now we'll move on the CU Men's Basketball season, which looks to be another over-hyped, underachieving gaggle of Boyle recruits.

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