Saturday, November 25, 2017


Posting has a been a bit light lately since I have been Rhonda's personal servant for a few weeks.  Some of you know that she recently received a new right shoulder, and the rehabilitation takes quite a while - e.g. she cannot drive until mid-December, and physical therapy is still limited motion.

So for those of you who might be interested, I found a video of shoulder replacement surgery - and - if you are at all squeamish about blood and gore, I highly recommend that you refrain from viewing!! 😊  It is quite amazing what orthopedic surgeons can accomplish, and that is probably why they are rewarded quite handsomely, eh Cousin Mark??


Steve Heller said...

Wife, Suzanne, had both knees replaced October 30th and I, likewise, have been busy caretaking, especially the first two weeks. Joint replacement recovery is a months long process, but she is slowly getting there. Am taking your recommendation not to view the surgery video as that stuff totally creeps me out, however I have little problem unclogging toilets. Go figure.

Douglas E said...

About a toss up for me, watching versus unclogging :-)

alijohn said...

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