Friday, March 11, 2016


I reprint here a letter to the editor by Bruce Driver that appeared March 9 in the Boulder Daily Camera:

There is a very scary scenario for Democrats this year leading to a resounding presidential-election defeat this fall. It goes like this:

1. Trump gradually softens his positions on key issues, including immigration, and lowers his bombast — already happening.

2. Trump turns out to be a skillful tactician — has already showed this.

3. He continues attracting used-to-be Democratic voters and non-voters to vote Republican — already wildly successful at this.

4. The great majority of Republican office holders unites behind him, Romney's attack notwithstanding — this will happen when they acknowledge how many new voters Trump has attracted to the party.

5. He secures the nomination — very likely.

6. Hillary and Bernie slug it out, but Hillary wins in part because of super-delegates, deeply annoying Bernie supporters — already happening.

7. Many Bernie supporters will not be mollified and, with other can't-be- bothered-to-vote Dems staying at home in the fall elections, Dem turnout is low while Republican turnout is high.

8. Hillary's negatives will remain during the campaign, discouraging moderates and independents from voting for her — good chance of this.

9. Trump wins going away next fall — good chance of this.

Please, please show me that this is unlikely.

Bruce Driver

To me, this sounds like a distinct possibility


Nostradumbass said...

I predict that by this time next year we will have a President Clinton. She is much more amenable to the needs of the 0.001% who run this country as a neo-feudalist Oligarchy (look it up). Trump won't get to 1237, the convention will be brokered, and Trump will lose out. People will grumble and that will be it.

Sick Sigma Sez said...

Agree with Nostra. The desires of the 0.001% of the adult population of this country, about 2,500 people, "trump" the desires of the rest. They make over 40% of all political contributions and get rewarded with such things as bankster bailouts (TARP), never having to go to jail for crimes, zero interest rate policies, and a form of income known as economic rent, which is unearned income in excess of what a free and fair market would pay. Think insider wheeling and dealing. No politician is going to change this scheme of things no matter what they blather about on TV. The George Soros's of the world control the world.

DES said...

Won't disagree much on these points. However, I think the Koch Brother types outnumber to George Soros types by a significant margin.

S3 said...

The Koch brother types probably do outnumber the Soros types, but I never considered them as Establishment seeing as how Establishment leaders like Harry Reid hate their guts.