Thursday, July 23, 2015


When driving along North Broadway in Boulder, we would often note this structure and wonder "What in the world is it?  A home, a museum, a business....."  So I finally got around to Google and see that it is an Art Home.  Link for Swoon Art House here.

Here is a piece of puff from the website - classic Planet Boulder:

An art house/studio for artist, Rebecca DiDomenico.

A transformative art space where expansive art pieces/installations are imagined and created.

A sustainable rammed earth building exclusively run with geothermal and solar energy designed by Rebecca DiDomenico collaborating with architect and builder Mike Moore from tres birds workshop ( building is intended to be an icon in a new generation of urban sustainable residences, using local materials with a focus on renewable resources. Ingredients include rammed earth, concrete, steel, glass and wood from recycled train car sides. The internal open architecture is in keeping with a design philosophy allowing space to encourage creative manifestations of living, such as needed for residence, studio and entertaining for the benefit of the arts and non-profit organizations.

Landscaping was designed in collaboration with Karla Dakin of K.Dakin Design and executed by Brian Carlson of Green Landscape Company ( . Fence and gate designed by Rebecca and fabricated by Mark Castator ( and Rob Hinde of Iron Artisan Ltd. Fountain feature by Brian Pulst of Spa Water Specialists Inc.

The residence is part of The Swoon/BMoCA International Artists Residency, a collaborative that provides international artists with the residence/studio space, resources, time, and freedom to realize expansive works of their imagination. The residency fosters the growth of emerging and established artists by encouraging them to take risks, experiment, and explore their creativity. Selection of artists by invitation only.

The new residence/studio will foster Rebecca’s vision of elevating the community’s cultural involvement, which have been a focus and passion for her personally and through her family’s foundation, the Compton Foundation. These areas include supporting non-profits committed to the environment, reproductive rights, peace and security, with an emphasis on the powerful way that the arts can further the mission and impact of these fields of interest.

Rebecca’s fervent wish is that the presence of Swoon in the North Boulder Art District (Nobo) will encourage other artists to create out-of-the-box ground breaking sustainable residence/studios, as a way to improve the cultural fabric of and thus create expansive experiences for our city.


Clem said...

At first glance, kinda reminds of very fancy outbuildings one sees on a farm.

DES said...

Clem - har! Actually the photos don't do justice to the place. It is quite striking, but for sure is not the type of place most folks would want for a home.

Clem said...

Not even the Section 8'rs that Obama wants to place in every neighborhood in the country?

DES said...

Already got low-income housing across the street, so no need for Section 8'ers I guess.

Clem said...

Guess that means you best not leave your bike outside unlocked.

DES said...

Even the thieves would likely not take my bike when compared to most other bikes in Boulder!