Wednesday, March 25, 2015


This post title is a regular section of New Mexico Magazine.  I love each issue, and we have many fond memories of living there and we continue to travel there.  Each month, there are several hilarious anecdotes about how folks have had to explain in various and sundry circumstances that New Mexico really is one of the states of the Union!  It reminded me of a short anecdote that I sent along to the magazine, and they published it!  Here it is:

During the 1970’s, we lived in Los Alamos and I worked at the LANL’s Health Research Lab.  These were the days before online publishing and internet access to research journals.  Thus, whenever we published a paper, we would get many post card requests for a reprint.  Invariably, among the post cards would be several that carried 37 cents international postage rather than the 8 cents required. Many requests came from the Northeast, but most states were represented!   I often signed the reprint and highlighted USA after the Los Alamos, NM.

 In a recent issue, I saw a tote bag sporting the message below - made me chuckle, and I need to get one:

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