Saturday, October 04, 2014


Over on the right side of this blog is my list of other sites that I often visit. The very first one listed is and it is the handiwork of a family member - most of you can figure out who that would be!! The predictions are based on up-to-date aggregated polling data for the Senate, House and Gubernatorial races.  There is a highly interactive Senate Monte Carlo simulation page and an informative Latest News and Announcements page.  One of the saddest bits of information displays is the House race page - there are only three states where there are competitive races.  This seems to prove the point that everyone wants to throw out everyone else's bum but not their own bum.

The sites predictions were previously based on the InTrade election wagering market, but the US Government had a hand in shutting down that company - read about it in the March 2, 2014 News and Comment Section.

To see where the races are headed, I recommend visiting the site often as the elections draw closer.  Today - Republicans + 7 in the Senate for a 52-48 majority, and +1 in the House to slightly extend their majority to 235-200.  Net governorships - no change.


Bizzy Brain said...

+7 in the Senate? Sounds encouraging. Maybe in a month we can "party like it's 1699."

hoosierdaddy said...

Bizzy - does it really matter? Now I am good for a party, but I do not foresee anything different with a Republican majority vs a Democratic one - gridlock and do-nothingess will continue unabated.

Bizzy Brain said...

You are right, deadlock for the next two years, which is fine with me. Hopefully, with a Republican Senate, Obama will not be able to continue to pack the courts with radical leftists judges, which should alleviate some of the tyranny from the "men in black."