Wednesday, February 26, 2014


As I was reading through today's Camera, I noted the big troubles with BitCoins, and I thought that given the volatility and insecurity in that market, I should offer my own currency.  My primary target would be the local marijuana industry since they are necessarily all cash enterprises.  The Colorado banks cannot do business with these folks because of federal laws.  My idea was simple - take the cash at $1.10 on the dollar, issue some Doug Dollars, and put the money in my account in the local bank, collect some interest and make 10% on the huge amounts of cash that the MJ folks have to deal with. 

Well, my plan was crushed by an article on the editorial page by a Colorado banker - what I was hoping to do would be considered laundering money that the feds considers illegal.  Dang.  Guess I will have to look at some different get-rich-quick scheme!


Bizzy Brain said...

If I had no scruples, I could get rich starting a cult.

DES said...

BB - I have thought the same thing - we need to brainstorm about our new cult/religion.