Wednesday, December 11, 2013


FACE is a local a capella group that recently spent several hours in the DFW airport due to a weather delay.

This was no regular day at the airport -- much less during one of the busiest travel months of the year. Boulder County's a cappella group, Face, was among the travelers stuck for hours at the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, due to ice storms on Saturday.

The six singers were headed back to Denver after performing for the Fort Worth Arts Council's 50th anniversary celebration. And now stuck for six hours.

So they decided to sing Christmas carols.

It was partially out of boredom. Partially, just to pass time. "But that all changed in a hurry," says Mark Megibow, the beatboxer in the band.

A traveler caught this true example of a flash mob on film, uploaded it to YouTube and it quickly went viral. Within 24 hours, the clip had more than 20,000 hits -- more than anything the band had posted online before. It garnered national media attention.

At first, Megibow says some travelers gave them funny looks, but most people's frustration with the delays quickly melted into smiles. Face began walking from gate to gate, trying to lighten the mood and spread holiday cheer, Megibow says. Everywhere they went, he says camera phones followed and people thanked them.

He said they weren't prepared for the outpouring of gratitude.

"Singing to a bunch of people -- that's something we do all the time, and it seemed like such a simple thing to do Saturday at the airport just to pass the time," Megibow says. "It turned out to be so much more than that."

You can listen to more songs here.

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hoosierdaddy said...

Man - go to the Face link and listen to The Sound of Silence - amazing!!