Thursday, December 27, 2012


While spending some time on the road this past year, I noted that many of the 53 foot semi-trailers had skirts.

My first thought was aerodynamics, and indeed that is the reasoning behind this realatively simple design concept.  There are several companies that market the skirts, such as the Duraplate Aeroskirt and the Trailer Blade by Strehl.  There is an approximate savings of 7.5% on fuel costs, and with  diesel now at around $3.50 a gallon, it would seem that the skirts would be a wise investment with the added benefit of reducing total emmisions.  Several carriers have outfitted 100% of their trailers with this simple yet effective device.  One possible drawback might be an increased possibility of a blow-over since strong cross winds cannot easily pass under the trailer.

Strehl Trailer Blades

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DES said...

Recently went on another road trip and the percentage of OTR trailers with skirts continues to increase. A fairly cursory count showed that well over 50% of the trailers had skirts and during some stretches of the trip, nearly 75%. Methinks it pays.