Tuesday, May 01, 2012


I was going to post this picture when it first appeared in the Daily Camera, and was going to only comment "10 For Style, 10 For Degree Of Difficulty."  But, I did not get around to it [dang knotweed].  Then another story appeared in today's Camera - seems that the image went viral and that there was a dispute between CU and the student photographer as to who owned the image.  Dumb.  Regardless, cool move by the bear, who is now relocated back up in the mountains. 


Bizzy Brain said...

Did not get around to it? Are you blaming Bush (i.e. the knotweed)?
Hilarious pic!

Dr S said...

Not Bush - the real knotweed in our side yard!!!

Bizzy Brain said...

Foolproof post. Difficult to work in political commentary. BTW, did you know bears kill more keepers and trainers than any other animal?