Tuesday, February 28, 2012


   24% of black children born out-of-wedlock
     3% of white children born out-of-wedlock

   73% of black children born out-of-wedlock
   53% of Latino children born out-of-wedlock
   29% of white children born out-of-wedlock

Out-of-wedlock rates:
   70% for high school dropouts
   51% for high school graduates
   34% for persons with some college
     8% for college graduates
   50% for women under 30

KKK Membership in Colorado sharply increasing

Number of white supremacist groups active in Colorado - 12

Santorum winning primaries


Knows Better said...

Nice propaganda trick there, linking the KKK and white supremacy to Rick Santorum. LOL! ABC news couldn't have done it better!

Dr S said...

Bizzy - no propaganda intended - honestly, I just choose a few facts in the news that I had been reading. However, you make a good point. Although I doubt that Santorum is a racist, the KKK vote will go primarily to him; I doubt that Obama is a racist, but the black Muslim vote will go to him. I know that some in my extended family still express both overt and sub rosa racist beliefs that are exacerbated by having a black president.

There are lots of disconcerting facts out there - this was just a small sample :-)

Knows Better said...

Ha! Ha! Bizzy hasn't entered the fray yet!

Dr said...

Sorry about that - I was reading Bizzy's comments elsewhere and got confused - easy to do for us old farts. So KB, apologies!!!

Phil L. said...

Those statistics indicate the country will not soon run short on teen sluts, gang bangers, welfare recipients, and prison inmates.

Dr S said...

It will be interesting to see if the guys who write the Freakonomics books comment on these data. What is missing from the 'tidbits' is how many of the out-of-wedlock births are actually in families with stable relationships sans the blessings of the church or the documents from the state.

Bizzy Brain said...

There are people, like Gary Busey, who have long term relationships with their shack jobs, er, fiancees, and issue bastard spawn. Those relationships provide a semblance of security for the child. However, statistically, those relationships don't fare as well as regular marriages, which nowadays don't fare too well at all.

Bizzy Brain said...

The term "racist" is so overused and wrongly used that in my mind it has become meaningless.

Dr S said...

Bizzy - good point. I suppose that at some level, all folks have some sort of racial bias. However, when I use the term, it means using derogatory, mocking language based solely on race, actively discriminating against someone because of race, and generally expressing superiority over others of different racial backgrounds. Interestingly, there is still an ongoing scientific discussion of whether or not human races exist, as recently discussed here: http://whyevolutionistrue.wordpress.com/2012/02/28/are-there-human-races/

Sick Sigma Sez said...

Better for the KKK to vote for Santorum than vote for the crawling snake that currently occupies the White House.

Dr S said...

Thankfully the KKK voting block is quite small :-) Santorum has really shot himself in the foot by staying from economic issues to social issues. Even the Kraut Hammer has pointed out that focusing on social issues detracts from his campaign especially using not-so-wise derogatory descriptors of Kennedy's separation of church and state remarks and Obama's desire that a college education should be available to all folks.