Friday, January 20, 2012


As anticipated, one chapter of Boulder's version of Occupy Wall Street came to a predictable end.  The Boulder City Council passed a regulation that made it illegal to camp in city parks between the hours of 11 PM and 5 AM.  

Now, I am just as upset as the next person about folks on Wall Street manipulating their way to making a billion dollars per year [yes about a couple dozen hedge fund managers did that last year], and about the nefarious ways of using other folks' money to enrich oneself.  However, the thinking behind the strategy of camping out on public property as a protest against Wall Street always eluded me.  It's Occupy Wall Street, not?  So while the initial protestors moved on to more effective actions, the Occupy Boulder folks became a group of unemployed and homeless squatters who pooped and peed on public property and even stole the electricity intended for the holiday decorations.  Basically, they were having virtually no effect on Wall Street while requiring that my tax dollars be used for extra law enforcement [drugs, assaults, etc.] and cleaning up their mess.  My suggestion would be that they should be occupying the local banks that are representatives of the biggest miscreants on Wall Street.  And at least some folks are thinking the same way, the irony of which is humorous [Move On/Soros/Billionaire]

You're Invited:
Make Wall Street Pay:
Thursday in Boulder
Host: Don D., MoveOn member

Where: Wells Fargo Bank, 1960 28th St & Walnut (NE corner) near Target (in Boulder)

When: Thursday, Jan. 19, at 12:00 PM

Can you come?
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WhatThis Thursday, we're calling on President Obama to stand up for the 99% and launch a full investigation into Wall Street's role in the foreclosure crisis right away. We're protesting at the very Wall Street banks the president needs to investigate—Bank of America, Chase, Wells Fargo, and others. We'll let the media and our communities know that the big banks' greed caused millions of Americans to lose their homes. The president has the power to hold the big banks accountable—can you help make sure he uses it by attending a "Yes He Can?" event in Boulder?

MoveOn is committed to nonviolence in the long tradition of protest movements throughout our history that have brought America closer to our founding dream—liberty and justice for all. As progressives, we respect all people and do not support or endorse any violence or property destruction.

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Bizzy Brain said...

At most the left can demand a "more" activist and progressive government, but how enthusiastic can protesters be about calling for more authority and more power for the existing system? That is why OWS was basically incoherent, it was little more than a loincloth for the naked emperor already sitting on his throne and looking for the plebes to cry out for more chains.
(Hat tip: Daniel Greenfield)

Phil L. said...

Someone once said, "The difference between genius and stupidity is there is a limit to genius."
BTW, if you happen to have to pass by an encampment, be as careful as you would crossing a cow pasture lest you step in any "occu-pies."

hoosierdaddy said...

Occu-pies - LOL - good one!!

Sick Sigma Sez said...

One thing that has been really, REALLY overlooked is that corporate power can be controlled. The power of corporations had been recognized as a potential threat back in the 19th century and state laws governing charters of corporations could be written to contain that power. For example, a corporation could be limited to doing only one type of business. If that business was to build washing machines, the corporation could be limited to that and not be permitted to branch out into financing or banking. That would eliminate the interconnectedness and total control that a few huge corporations exert over entire industries. I don't expect that many people know that, especially the bearded OWSer pooping outside his tent (or on a police car as that famous internet picture showed).