Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Well, I suppose that it was inevitable, but there is now a website dedicated to 'tebowing' and I have to admit, many of the photos are hilarious.  There has been much discussion and debate in the press and the blogosphere about Tebow and the Broncos, and I have written before that I do not appreciate any type of overly emotive displays in sports, be it playing out Plaxico Burress shooting himself in the leg, end-zone and post-tackle gyrations, pointing skyward, or Tebow kneeling.  Just play the game!!!

One of the sub-sections of the tebowing site is Global, and I have urged our son-in-law to submit the photo that he recently published on Facebook - tebowing at the border of North and South Korea.  Note the guards in the background :-)

Jonathan also made an appearance on Jerry Coyne's website here.  I also noted that this one just popped up on the tebowing site - recognizable as the Pepperdine Wave!


Bizzy Brain said...

Tebow works in mysterious ways his wonders to perform. However, it does not look like John Elway has of yet received Tebow as his lord and savior. He found all sorts of excuses to discredit Tebow, very strange behavior coming from a higher up in the same organization, who you think would offer every encouraging word he could muster. But we all know what’s behind the negativity. It’s not his playing skill or lack thereof. People dislike Tim Tebow because he loves Jesus.

Dr S said...

BB - I missed out on what you were alluding to re Elway - que pasa? On the flip side of disliking Tebow, there are those who like him because he loves Jesus :-) Probably not even football connoisseurs such as you and I.

Bizzy Brain said...

As far as I know, John Elway is part of the Broncos organization, and had very little good to say early in the season about Tebow's talents or chances for success in the NFL. When I mentioned Elway not receiving Tebow as "lord and savior," I meant it as "lord" of the Broncos, which Tebow is at this point (not in the Biblical sense, of course), and "savior" in that he stepped in and rescued a pathetic season. Oh, yeah, you and I are right up there with the football connoisseurs. LOL!

Phil L. said...

Biz, you still haven’t answered Dr. S’s question. In the middle of November, John Elway, executive vice president of football operations said “Ah, no.” when asked on a radio program if he felt he was any closer to finding the Broncos’ quarterback of the future. The Broncos front office wasn't sold on Tebow being the long-term answer at quarterback. Elway pointed out that Tebow has to do better on third downs and improve as a passer, etc., etc. It was much ado about nothing because Tebow fans overreacted and were thinking Elway was throwing Tebow under the bus, which was not the case. Sounds like you overreacted, too, Biz. Elway was not trying to discredit Tebow. You got that one wrong.