Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I've been meaing to write about our niece Anna for some time, but the recent release of the song and video embedded below prompted me to get busy.  I previously wrote a bit about Anna's dad Gary Montgomery and his 1960's band, The Colours, and promise that some day I will write about Anna's mother, my sister Kay Montgomery.

You can check out information about Anna's teaching here, read about her award-winning CD Lyin' In the Face of Love here, and read more and listen on MySpace.  But here I want to highlight Anna's musical presence in Poland!  Turn Me On, a Wet Finger video featuring Anna's singing, now has over 2.5 million views, and the 3R video of Black Cherry also features Anna.  The latest music video featuring Anna is the DJ Kuba & Neltan official video of the song Take It To The Top.  Anna writes "Take It To The Top debuted on EKSA Radio at #1.  We now hope that it will get into the top 20 chart of overall plays.  It is being pitched to be the theme song for the EuroCup 2012 that is being held in Poland/Ukraine this coming year."

We wish Anna the best in the wacky world of pop music!!


Steve Heller said...

I wish Anna every success in the feast or famine entertainment business.

Bizzy Brain said...

I would like to hear Anna do a National Anthem without jazzing it up like many female singers do nowadays. I think Whitney Houston ruined it because her jazzed up version of adding all those extra, unnecessary, distracting notes has led every female singer since to believe she has to do the same thing. Most stirring singing of it I ever heard was a baritone from the IU school of music who boomed it out operetically with NO added notes and lilts.

Dr S said...

Not sure why so many "artists" think that they have to draw attention to themselves via altering the tune - of course the tune ain't exactly the greatest composition.