Thursday, June 02, 2011


This video has been making the rounds, and one version has been removed from YouTube - hope this one works:


Bizzy Brain said...

Speaking of shell games, Knick's president, Donnie Walsh is out. He used to be with the Pacers and one time hired Isiah Thomas as head coach (over Rick Carlisle, current head coach of the Dallas Mavericks). Walsh was not excited about giving up so much to get Carmello. Maybe that was the beginning of his undoing. Watch for Isiah, who reduced the Knicks organization to rubble, to re-enter the picture.

Bizzy Brain said...

On the other hand, Donnie Walsh drafted Reggie Miller, an NBA legend, over Steve Alford, who was an NBA bust. Then again, thanks to the popularity of Reggie, they tore down a perfectly good Market Square Arena, the best venue in the country to watch hockey, and built Conseco Fieldhouse, a financial albatross for the city.