Saturday, May 21, 2011


Whenever an old geezer like me catches on to something trendy, that something is no longer trendy.  And thus it is with Leet, [aka eleet, leetspeak].  Some Leet words have become common internet slang, often originating in keyboard errors such as replacing an O with a P, and thus "owned" becomes "pwned", or letter transpositions, with"the" become "teh",  and other combinations such as "pr0n" for "porn."  As you probably know, to 'own' someone is not to just win an argument or game, but rather to totally dominate one's opponent.  Nerds win.


Steve Heller said...

So, what does taht sey about someone like me who never cathces on in teh first place?

Dr S said...

That's why you read this blog - to keep up with the 65-year-old crowd as opposed to you old farts!