Thursday, July 18, 2013


On June 28-30, a fair portion of the Abram F. and Anna Isaac Willems descendants gathered in Boulder for a cousin reunion. Abram and Anna had six children - Esther Marie [Selzer], Abram Lincoln, Aaron Martin, Roselena Ruth [Roupp], Ezra Lee [Mike] and John, all of whom have passed away with the exception of John. Thirty folks were in attendance, with one child [Carol] from Esther's family, two of three siblings [Arn and Rhonda] from Abe's family, and all four sisters [Valerie, Sherry, Janelle and Patrice] from Rosie's family - no one from Aaron's, Mike's or John's family were able to attend. Rhonda did an amazing job preparing for the reunion, providing dinner on Friday evening, breakfast and dinner on Saturday, and breakfast on Sunday, all in our back yard. Others pitched in with some desserts and fruit [and a few libations]. There was much conversation, an outing to the CU greenhouse, sharing and singing. Below are some pictures of the clan in attendance.

The Whole Gang [minus 2]

The Abe & Ruth Miller Willems Family

 The Milf & Rosie Willems Roupp Family

 The Roy & Esther Willems Selzer Family
The Second Cousins

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